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Revenue Enquires

Many people are fearful of an H M Revenue & Customs inspection or enquiry. These can prove to be disruptive, costly, time consuming and stressful. We will support you through this process with our indepth of knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for our clients.

Every year the HMRC raises nearly half a million enquires. These can take many forms and can range from a simple request for clarification or documentation in support of an entry on a Self Assessment Tax return to a full blown, in depth, review of the underlying accounting records. The natural reaction for anyone receiving a Notice of Enquiry from the Inspector of Taxes is to ask “Why me?” Unfortunately the answer is far from simple. Enquiries can be raised for any number of reasons. These include where perhaps trading results have fluctuated for perfectly legitimate commercial reasons which later affected factors such as turnover, profit margins, and exceptional expenditure. Perhaps also the H M Revenue & Customs has information that suggests the accounts or Return is not wholly complete, correct and accurate. The enquiry might focus on a specific technical aspect. There is also the random enquiry that is selected, without any regards or consideration to the entries on the Return and potential outcome. You will therefore see that an enquiry can be raised at any time for any reason.

Whatever the extent and degree of enquiry we are here to take away the worry and stress of dealing with the correspondence and will attend any meetings or interviews which may be required and negotiate the best possible result for you. With our assistance we look for enquiries to be settled both quickly and effectively, which is of utmost importance to enable you to have the knowledge, time and energy to ensure that your business can continue to be effectively managed to maintain its trading position and profitability. We are also able to offer insurance to meet the cost of our fees in the event of an enquiry, which will give you the peace of mind that the fees incurred can be predetermined which gives you the best possible result.


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