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Business Start Ups

When starting up a business most entrepreneurs or business people know what products or services they are going to sell to their customers. They may even know what materials and labour is required but when it comes to the following questions they will need help from a friendly and knowledgeable accountant.


Should I set up my business as a sole trader, limited company, or partnership?

How will I be able to supply meaningful financial reports of how the business is doing to my investors, the bank, the tax man, as a statutory requirement, and for anyone else that will need to know this information?

What do accruals, prepayments, depreciation and provisions mean to my business and how do they affect the amount of tax I will have to pay when it becomes due?

If my Company is successful how should I receive a return on the investment I have made into the Company?

Should I be paid a wage or should I receive dividends and what effect does this have on my tax payable?

When someone is working for me as a sub contractor or as an employee how do I deal with their tax and National Insurance?


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