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Accounts preparation

Every business is required to produce accounts for tax purposes and for some, such as Limited companies, this is a statutory requirement.

As established accountants in Surrey, we can produce accounts for all your financial needs meeting appropriate accounting standards, whether you are an individual tax payer, owner managed business, sole trader, partnership, or a small to medium sized Limited company.

As part of this service or our company secretarial service we would file Limited Company accounts, prepared by us, in an appropriate format at Companies House if you require.

These accounts can also be in a format that you or we can present to your bank, building society or others for investment purposes.

Management Accounts

It is becoming increasingly important to maintain accurate and appropriate management accounts to spot problems before it is too late. We can advise you on what you should be looking for, we can set up any spreadsheets as required and either maintain them for you, on your behalf, or we can give guidance on how to complete them yourself.

In this way we can build customised reports showing what you need to see and have reporting flexibility so that changes can easily be incorporated for you. This information will then be in the format that you need for successfully running your business.

Cash Flow Statements

For any business to thrive, it is imperative that the cash flow is maximised. We can offer help and advice on the best way to achieve this. We will also assist you with any forecasting tools that you may choose to use whether it is a simple spreadsheet to a dedicated cash flow forecasting package.

By setting up cash flow forecasts you will be reducing funding problems in the future. With our assistance we will save you time and focus on issues you may never have thought about before on this subject. Once this is set up we can also train your staff on using the forecasts you require.


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